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    ipMonitor 10.7 Build 1643 - Daily report is not being emailed out.


      Hi, I am running ipMonitor 10.7 Build 1643 and the daily report is not being emailed out since a few weeks ago.  I suspect the email account associated with it is no longer in service so I went and changed it and still is not working.  I follow the instruction as per the help files and configured SMTP and credentials as explained, tried a Comcast account and a Gmail as well, no emails out.  I am not even sure I am testing it properly, I usually click “Publish now” from Configuration\Scheduled Reporting Tasks\Report->Publish Now.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance


      P/S: I apologize if I am double posting, first time here, not sure where to go/how to start.

      Thanks again.




      Gabriel Baudino