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    NTA4 and receiving 80k+ flows/sec


      Does anyone have some real world experience with NTA4 with an instance receiving large amount of flows?

      Trying to work out the server specs for this to work without any hiccups.

      We need to send our current 8,500 flows/sec from multiple [spoke site] devices (currently in NTA3.11) as well as an additional 65-80k flows/sec from a single [hub site] source.

      From the doco's and calculations there is comments about 50k will be fine - but that would mean an additional collector or 2 + maybe load balance just for the new link we want stats on sending the 65k+ flows :O


      Obviously our first part of the plan is to upgrade NPM 10.5/NTA3.11 [500 devices] > NPM 10.7 > NPM 11.0.1 / NTA 4.0.3 and test receiving the current 8,500flows/sec

      Our current setup is App server [4gb RAM] + SQL server [12gb RAM], so initially we'll add another 4gb RAM to App, and spin up a FSDb server separately as part of upgrading to NTA4


      From there - no idea, please share your experience with how you've scaled appropriately

      Replicating the NTA sizing, I could run the FSDb on the same server as NPM/NTA apps, receiving 8,500flows/sec and not be getting anywhere near the calculated storage requirement based on 30days retention.


      Thanks in advance.