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    Cisco 4402 and LEM


      We have a couple of 5508 WLC's (v7.4) and a 4402 (v7.0.116.0).  We use the 4402 as a guest controller but Solarwinds LEM isn't picking up logs for this.  The other appliances are ok.  I can see the logs have arrived under 'checklogs' and have tried different connectors including Cisco Wireless AP, Cisco WCS and Cisco WLC but no joy.  LEM v5.5.  Any ideas?

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          nicole pauls

          Seems like the WLC connector should pick it up - the connector is matched to the right log (i.e. checklogs says the data is in local4.log, CiscoWLC is configured for local4.log)? If so, our connector just might need to be tweaked, so you might have to submit a log sample and see if we can get it fixed.