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    NTA Netflow reporting for all conversations on all devices between two endpoints


      Given an


      IP, I need to find every endpoint it has communicated with and every conversation they had (captured across all devices).


      Basically something like this.... Given the IP address




      -     dst   - device  -   date            - - router1 - 01/01/14 2:00 pm - - router2 - 01/01/14 2:00 pm - - router1 - 01/05/14 8:30 am

      <and so on>


      I'll have multiple source IP's I need to find this information for.  I'm fine with extra information as long as I can manipulate it to remove it... which brings me to a second question:


      How do I manipulate search results... specifically, if I want to to pull data from the Top X endpoints to sort or manipulate in some other way, how do I do that?  Can I see the raw data tables


      somewhere or export this information to txt/csv/excel/access or anything like that?