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    Odd error with Action Rules


      I'm seeing an odd error in the logs recently.  Web Help Desk is complaining about:


      Encountered error while testing Action Rule "Some action rule name" against Ticket xxxx:

      er.extensions.eof.ERXDatabaseContextDelegate$ObjectNotAvailableException: No com.macdesign.whd.TechGroup found with globalID: <TechGroup: [id: '1']>


      It enumerates every rule it goes through (all of them in my case), for every ticket coming in.


      This started (I think) after I deleted a Tech Group.  That tech group is not used in any action rule.

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          Were you able to get this resolved?  We are seeing something similar when moving our whd database from v10 to v12

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            Anyone had any luck solving this?

            i'm on 12.4.1

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              We only just started getting these errors within the past 2 weeks. Every day from 9/26/17 to 9/30/17, then nothing until today, 10/10/17. No major changes have been done.


              Ver. 12.5.1

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                I started getting these errors after I upgraded to 12.5.1. What I ended up doing to fix this was go through my action rules and try to get a little more specific with which fields I'm using. If you're too broad on your criteria it will fire off for tickets that it shouldn't. Also look at which rules you have cascade turned on. Turn off cascade on as many as you can, that seems to help.


                As an example, I just created an action rule this morning to not allow techs to change the status of an approved ticket to anything other than Cancelled, Resolved, or Closed. It caused tickets to update to Approved that didn't even have an approval process attached to the ticket.


                Original Rule Criteria:

                Status > is any of > Open, Assigned, Pending, Hold

                Approval Process > is any of > "All selected"



                Change Status > Approved


                This didn't work and was processing for tickets that didn't even have an Approval Process. I really only wanted this rule for our Change Management tickets, so I added that request type to the criteria and it worked fine after that.


                When I was going through the rules, some of the older ones had to be rewritten to work better with newer rules. Don't know if this really helps, but it's what I had to do to get my rules working correctly.

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                  I was also receiving the same error after making Tech Group changes, including deleting Tech Groups that weren't being used. I was able to resolve this issue by opening each and every action rule and clicking Save. After doing this all the errors stopped occurring. It's a pain to have to do this but at least it eliminates the errors.