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    How much process has been made in the last year and a half?


      I haven't had to use Web Help Desk in over a year. I've been using another product at my job called ZenDesk. I have enjoyed using it as help desk software. It's rather simple and intuitive to use. I will be start a new job soon where they are using Web Help Desk. I've been checking the Web Help Desk forums and feature requests and it seems like not much progress has been made in introducing a lot of new features. Am I wrong here? Has process been rather stagnant? The last version I used was maybe v12 (first major version after Web Help Desk was acquired by SolarWinds). I only see one major feature being addressed which is the Asset Reporting and the new under the hood reporting engine. The rest has been UI changes and integration with other SolarWind products. I hope I'm wrong.