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    How do I build my filters in LEM off of a report.


      I new to the LEM world and have a buch of question about the app. We are trying to build all of our filter off one of the reports, lets say the Financial  SOX report. How do I import each item in this report into a filter(multiple filters) on my LEM console is this possible?

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          nicole pauls

          Unfortunately reports are pretty independent from the LEM console, so there's no push-button way to do this.


          Fortunately reports are easily reproduced or replicated by content that already exists in the console. So if you have a specific report you're working from, there's probably something in the console that does the same thing, or can do the same thing.


          Maybe we can start with an example - is there a good LEM report you're running that you like the content for that we could use?