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    api / web request question


      Another user posted in the api forum for how to get the next avaiblable ip, that you can set the record by using the follownig code:


      $postParams = @{"entity"="IPAM.IPNode";"verb"="UpdateManyStatus";"ObjectId"="1097 ";"ipstatus"="1 ";"ids"="2 "}


      Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://localhost/Orion/IPAM/ExtCmdProvider.ashx -Method POST -WebSession $session -Body $postParams -OutFile output.html


      My question is, where do "objectid,"ipstatus",and"ids" come from? I can't find those elements anywhere in any documentation of the api or any place. I want to also fill in the hostname but I can't find out what the object would be to go along with ipstatus and ids.


      Does anyone know where these came from or what the "hostname" field would be called to be updated?