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    LEM as an alternative to purpose-built AD auditing products (ManageEngine, Quest/Dell Enterprise Reporter) - thoughts?


      We're a LEM customer and are successfully leveraging it for some basic info now.

      In tandem, I've been running some trial/demo installations of other products that specifically target the AD/NTFS pieces of a network, with reporting, scheduling, etc. of canned and non-canned reports for compliance, change oversight, and other purposes.

      Since the information these products and LEM uses are seemingly the same at the source, I'm curious if there are folks out there using LEM to glean at least some of the information that these focus products offer. I know that LEM is not specifically targeted as an AD/NTFS auditing solution - and historical change data on AD objects seems elusive to accurately capture - but I'm sure there must be some amount of overlap here.

      Thanks for any info!