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    Updating Adobe Reader 11.0.07 to 11.0.09 with MSP does not work as update is recognized as not applicable


      Hi everybody,

      updating my Adobe Reader XI installations drives me nuts...


      Last year I've updated my mixed version environment to 11.0.03 by using a combo of different solution approaches (see Re: Creating an Adobe Reader Update/Install Package for 11.0.02 with Transformation) which currently ends with v11.0.07 installed. Now I wanted to apply the latest update/patch by creating a new update package. Works "fine" but is not recognized as applicable. Manually I can install it...


      Update Type: Software
      Download URL: http://ardownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.09/misc/AdbeRdrUpd11009.msp
      MSP Full Patch Code: ac76ba86-7ad7-0000-2550-7a8c40011009
      Package Type: Windows Installer Patch (.msp)
      KB ID:
      Security Bulletin ID:
      CVE ID:
      Severity: None
      Classification: Security Updates
      Creation Time: 17.09.2014 08:08:51
      Supported Languages: Language Neutral
      Downloaded: Yes
      Package Size: 43,07 (MB)
      Direct Download: Yes
      Uses Package Boot: No
      Metadata Only: No
      Is Published: Yes

      Has anyone an idea why it is recognized as "needed"? 3rd party patching is normally working...

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          Lawrence Garvin

          I'm not quite understanding why you are *creating* a package to update Adobe Reader? Patch Manager automatically synchronizes the Adobe Reader v11 catalog, and Adobe publishes ready-to-use Reader updates based on their MSP.


          In addition, Adobe also publishes a FULL installer which is packaged and made available via the Patch Manager catalog. The 11.0.09 package was published this morning.


          As for why an MSP-based package is Not Applicable, that has nothing at all to do with the package being created, that's based on the detection logic build into the MSP file by Adobe. If the MSP returns a "Not Applicable" via the Windows Update Agent, then the target machine cannot be patched with that MSP.


          Regarding your April 2013 thread... I do not believe you can PATCH an existing installation with an MSI+MST package, which is likely why those scenarios did not work. MSI+MST can only be used for a FRESH installation.


          Perhaps we can chat about what you're trying to achieve with the transform and/or not using the provided ready-to-use packages from either Adobe, or SolarWinds?

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              The to "why would I do that" changed the last minutes...


              Initially I wanted to create the update package as Adobe themself seemed to be quite slow in releasing the MSP update packages to their catalog (I had noticed in the past that sometimes it needs some days for the new updates to appear). But in this case Adobe is innocent: somehow the subscription for the Reader 11 catalog became deselected and (correct behavior) I only got the update packages for Reader 10.


              Now I've got a working update package which gets recognized as needed . And I'm more confused then before, as I cannot see major differences between the two packages.


                 Update/Package ID83ad57d7-8553-4894-a519-4746ad066e402097dcab-dec6-47eb-bd8b-ea73391052c1
                 Update TypeSoftwareSoftware
                 Download URLhttp://armdl.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.09/misc/AdbeRdrUpd11009.msphttp://armdl.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.09/misc/AdbeRdrUpd11009.msp
                 MSP Full Patch Codeac76ba86-7ad7-0000-2550-7a8c40011009ac76ba86-7ad7-0000-2550-7a8c40011009
                 Package TypeWindows Installer Patch (.msp)Windows Installer Patch (.msp)
                 KB IDAPSB14-20
                 Security Bulletin IDAPSB14-20
                 CVE ID
                 ClassificationCritical UpdateSecurity Updates
                 Supported LanguagesLanguage NeutralLanguage Neutral
                 Package Size43,07 (MB)43,07 (MB)
                 SHA1 Digest2kpt8b4xzBtIPznibiFAoJBNyAQ=2kpt8b4xzBtIPznibiFAoJBNyAQ=
                 Direct DownloadYesYes
                 Uses Package BootNoNo
                 Metadata OnlyNoNo
                 Is PublishedYesYes


              Both packages use the same MSP file. If the MSP is responsible for creating the needed rules I do not understand why one of theese packages wants to get deployed to thousands of computers and the other one not.


              Is there any possibility to take a look at the included rules of a MSP?

              Regarding the SHA1 Digest in the update summary: digest of what? While experimenting yesterday I created a few packages, some by scratch (the above one) some by duplicating an existing package and mofifying it. All packages use the same content (AdbeRdrUpd11009.msp) which shows up in the content tab with the SHA1 Digest 2kpt8b4xzBtIPznibiFAoJBNyAQ= but not all packages show this digest in the summary.


              Regarding the provided full installer: this package gets installed even if there was no existing installation before. As I just want to update existing installations and it cannot be installed on all clients I don't use this package.

              Regarding my "MST/MSI" last year problem: I'm quite happy with the solution/workaround as I've got a quite standarized installation base today. Hopefully the next big update will be the problem of someone else as our company is just in the outsourcing process for workplace management.