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    Storage Manager 5.8 Beta 1 is Now Available


      Greetings everyone!


      Right on the back of the Service Release for Storage Manager 5.7, we're already seeking testers for the next version.  If you would like to participate in the Beta Process for Storage Manager, please click on this link and fill out the survey.  We will contact you directly with the download links for the software.  Sorry, but only customers with active maintenance on Storage Manager through 04/01/2015 are eligible to participate.


      So, you may ask yourself, "what has SolarWinds' added for this particular Beta?"  The short answer: we've improved the virtualization polling immensely.

      We've practically rewritten the virtualization infrastructure polling engine from the ground up.  This single change actually percolates up through the entire Storage Manager environment.  The saved memory and CPU cycles are then free to make everything that depends on those virtualization infrastructure jobs run that much smoother.  Practically speaking, we've increased your ability to get accurate and timely data in:

      • End-to-end mapping from Virtual Machine to Physical Storage
      • Performance Statistics from Virtual Infrastructure
      • Virtual Hard Disk Placement & Statistics
      • ...anything else that relies on information from your virtual infrastructure


      So that's the big push in this particular beta release.  But is that all?  Absolutely not!  We're including many, many other fixes and tweaks to this version including some centered around polling IBM, EMC, and NetApp.  Sign up and download the beta version for yourself and see what we've done.  I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

      We encourage everyone who participates in the Beta to supply feedback via the Storage Manager Beta Group on Thwack.  Be on the look out for additional Beta's and RC's by subscribing to the Storage Manager Beta Group.


      Many thanks,




      Important: Please note that the Beta version of the Storage Manager product cannot be run in production. It needs to be deployed on a different system from your existing Storage Manager production system. Also, it is not possible to upgrade from the beta version of the Storage Manager product to any other beta,  release candidate (RC), or generally available (GA) version of Storage Manager.

      However, it is completely acceptable for you to setup the Beta Server separate from your Production Server and monitor your production storage and virtualization infrastructure.