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    LEM Group Filters I Don't See


      I've been using LEM for a while now and have a good number of alerts successfully built, so I am getting fairly comfortable with everything.  One thing I have not been able to figure out is why I don't see the same "Filter Groups" in "Monitor" as is visible at about the 25:20 mark of this webinar:


      Continuous Compliance with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager - YouTube


      In the video, there are filter groups for IT Operations, Security, Compliance, etc. in the presenter's "Monitor" view.  In my "Monitor" view my own LEM I only see one group named "Default Filters".  Is there something I configure, download, import, etc., that provides additional groups and/or a different view?






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          nicole pauls

          If you create a brand new LEM user and log in as that user, do you see the same filters? (NOTE: You'll need to close your console before switching users - create user, close browser, open browser, log in as new user - there's some *** caching of settings that happens and can corrupt things)


          Did your user by chance first log in to the LEM console before sometime around version 5.5? That's when we revamped the defaults. There's a way for you to get the new defaults, though, as long as you see them when a new user logs in.