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    NPM High Interface utilization reported incorrectly


      Hello guys,


      I have been observing some strange behaviour with our SolarWinds for quite some time now, but I have to admit I am quite newbie with SolarWinds, so it might be just me, misunderstanding / misinterpreting it.

      I have been observing alert messages like this one coming every now and then:

      Transmit Percent Utilization of access01.domain.com - GigabitEthernet0/16 · distribution01.domain.com  - is 3 %.

      Current traffic load of this interface is

           Received : 4.00 Mbps

           Transmitted : 31 Mbps

      So we two GigLinks (not are synced at 1Gbps) and 31Mbps of bandwidth is being reported as "highly utilised".


      That seems to be quite inappropriate, bearing in mind the following setup of NPM:


      Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.50.59.png


      So my thinking is - could this be something like a microburst (i.e. high amount of packets that has been received for short period of time) or it something else, which should be considered as false positive alert?


      Many thanks in advance!