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    How to setup automatic login in Orion npm?


      How to setup automatic login in Orion npm?


      When computer get start and automatically start the browser and orion users will login automatically in Orion NPM.



      Thanks in advance

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          Under your webconsole, go under Settings, then Web console settings

          From the choice list, select "enable automatic login" on the filed named "Windows account login"

          Just be aware this works fine with domain accounts (under active directory). Also, you could have to rebuild your Orion website in order to have that working fine.


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              Thanks i got your point but when my system get start and browser need to be automatically open and it will automatically login into orion domain accounts which i created in AD.

              Is this possible?

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                How do i rebuild the the solarwinds website for automatic login for orion users?

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                    The SolarWinds website can only auto-login Windows accounts, not the Orion accounts.  If the user does not have an AD Account, they will have to login each time.   There's no way around that as there's nothing from their system that will know not to try to pass the Windows credentials instead.  If you are referring to Windows credentials, you can do this in settings as mentioned in previous posts, or in the configuration wizard under website, select the option to enable automatic authentication, but again this ONLY works for Windows AD log ins, NOT orion logins like admin or guest.  You can give an Orion user a sense of auto login by editing their account and disabling session timeout.  That will create the appearance of an auto login if they are using the same machine to access the website.

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                        mharvey & saroopmalhi

                        I think there is actually a built-in/default SolarWinds account you can use to auto login, actually not requiring a user login.  I believe it is simply created with a specific/reserved username, by an admin, and then you can use a link with that account in the name, allowing login without showing the user/password in the url.

                        I think this only works for the one, single account, and not for all users.
                        For various security concerns, I would be careful, and make sure to limit any views/permissions accordingly.


                        Let me see if I can locate that info for you, and I will post it once I find it. (I am certain it is in the administrators guide... just not sure where within the guide...)





                        AH... DirectLink, that is what it is called...

                        I found this in the NPM Administration guide located here. (The "DirectLink Account" section starts on page 542)


                        Using the DirectLink Account

                        Enabling a DirectLink account allows you to make direct hyperlinks to specific web console views available to individuals who do not already have Orion Web Console user accounts. Any URL referring directly to an NPM web page bypasses the login screen, logging the user into the DirectLink account. The DirectLink account is created like any other account, and it can include custom views and account limitations. For more information web console accounts, see "Creating New Accounts".


                        To enable a DirectLink account for the Orion Web Console:


                        1. Log in to the Orion Web Console as an administrator.

                        2. Click Settings in the top right of the web console, and then click Manage Accounts in the Accounts grouping.

                        3. Click Add.

                        4. Type DirectLink as the new User Name.

                        5. Type a Password, confirm it, and then click Submit.

                        6. Edit DirectLink account options, as necessary, for your installation of Orion Network Performance Monitor. For more information about editing account options, see "Editing User Accounts".

                        7. Create a custom view to be used as the home page of the DirectLink account. For more information, see "Creating New Views".

                        8. Specify the new DirectLink view as a default view in Account Manger. For more information, see "Editing User Accounts".

                        9. If you would like to limit the DirectLink account to specific devices or device types, see "Setting Account Limitations".




                        I hope this helps.



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                    I had a similar question a while ago and ended up setting something like this as my browser homepage.

                    Works every time:)


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                      If you create a shortcut for your 'BROWSER' then edit that shortcut to what mcam has (customize to your servername on site & your ViewID so it opens to the View you want) then drop that Shortcut into your 'StartUp' Folder, it will log you in every time.


                      * Issues with this setup *


                      If you have a PW policy then you have to adjust your shortcut each time the PW is changed.

                      Your PW is stored in plain text within the shortcut