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    One of my instacnes of Orion throws a 403 forbidden error for all calls to the V3 information service when running as the default configuration account of "Local System" but will work as a domain account.


      I have used Netmon and ProcMon to determin that the serive is throwing the error, but I cannot get anything from the service logs that is helpful even when I turn all logging up to "DEBUG".  I need help to get to the root cause of this.


      For some reason the Information Service V3 thinks the calls being made are forbidden. This worked fine for months until last week and we have not made any changes since the NPM 11 upgrade when it was released.


      There is the lack of detail in the Orion.Information.Service log files even at DEBUG levels. How do I get more information from the service. I tried using WinDBG, but ran into a lot of issues attaching to the process.