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    Converting a Legacy Report to Web-based Report


      In the legacy Reports, there are some very useful reports for controller managed access points, for example, "Average and Peak Number of Clients by Access Point - Last Month".  I am struggling with duplicating this as Web-based report, for example, I'm not able to find the Avg and Max Client count fields.  Is the Web-based report writer capable of supporting this type of report, and can anyone share some tips?


      Thanks in advance.

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          After no suggestions from the community I opened a support case on this question.  SolarWinds does not believe these resources are available with the web based report generator, but suggested just playing around with the resources.  You would have thought this was documented somewhere. 


          Anyway, if these resources do not exist, hopefully SolarWinds can add this as a feature request.  Seems silly to me to add in a useful tool like the web based report writer, but not bring in all the features of the legacy tool.

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            Why do you need to recreate this report? Do you want to add there something more?


            I have checked in NPM 11.0.1 and that this report is there:

            - Go to Home - Reports

            - On the left side click "Report Writer"

            - Go to page 2

            - By cliking on the report name you can execute it.



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                Hi Roman.


                I don't disagree that the report is there, I also have it listed as a "Report Writer" report.  And yes, I want to edit the report to add additional information and change formatting.  As a Report Writer report I need to edit this on the NPM server itself.  SolarWinds announced it was moving away from this method when the "Web-based" feature was introduced some versions back.  Since I needed to update this report I thought it a good opportunity to re-write it as web-based, but I can't find the appropriate resources in the web-based report to do this.  Does this clarify my issue?

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                    One way you can take a Legacy Report and turn it into a Web-based report is having the Legacy report show you the SQL query it uses, this is an option in the menu.  Once you have that you can copy and paste it into a a Custom Table report in the new Web-based report system.


                    I am still at a loss on how to turn reports into dashboards with the new Web-based reports.  Many of the dashboards I have created and still use are based off Legacy reports largely from raw SQL queries.


                    I hope this helps but I totally understand if it doesn't. 

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