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    SDK 1.8/1.9 - Powershell Connect-Swis Results in OperationTimeout


      A couple weeks ago we had a problem with NPM 10.7 and we upgraded to NPM 11.0.1. Since then i've been unable to initialize the SWIS connection with the connect-swis cmdlet. The result displays OperationTimeout 01:00:00


      I've tried a couple things:


      Connect-Swis -Trusted

      Connect-Swis <Enter username/password at prompt> (doesn't seem to matter what creds i enter here)

      Connect-Swis -Hostname localhost


      $creds = get-credentials

      $swis = connect-swis -Credential $creds -Hostname localhost


      but nothing seems to work. They all result in OperationTimeout 01:00:00.


      Is there a log file that might help me further troubleshoot?