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    New Environment Upgrade


      So I am finally in the thick of the new DPA product and have now installed it twice (testing Central components as well).  The options that I see we have are 1. Upgrade your current environment or 2. Install a new environment.  I am now very curious to know how I can go about taking a copy of my database to a new server and perform a new install of DPA but connect to and upgrade my existing repository.  This is the most common scenario for us in our environment as a chance to clean up older systems/operating systems and "migrate forward".

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          You should be able to do this quickly with a backup/restore and then editing the repo.properties file as outlined here: http://support.confio.com/kb/article/moving-sql-server-data-warehouse-repositories/1532/


          For your case, I'd suggest the following:


          1. Shutdown your current instance of DPA

          2. Backup and restore the DPA repo to your new server

          3. Install the new version of DPA

          4. When install is complete, but before you open DPA in a browser, stop the DPA service

          5. Edit the repo.properties file to point to the new server (don't forget you need to recreate logins and access on the new server)

          6. Restart DPA

          7. Open DPA in a browser, and you should see all your registered servers


          Let me know if that works for you.