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    How are you tieing in your service catalog


      What options have you implemented to generate a quick an easy Service Catalog to assist your end users to understand the services you offer? How have you tied this into your WHD implementation (permanent message, login screen for WHD, separate web page on the corporate intranet, custom CSS in WHD, or something else)?


      When defining the services you essentially define items for the service catalog:

      1. What is the service, and how do I get it? (Service Definition)
      2. How do I get help? How do I use the service? (Help and Self-Service)
      3. What does it cost? (Service Cost and Pricing)
      4. How does IT support this service? (Service Support)
        1. Incident Management (escalations & ownership)
        2. Change Management
      5. How does IT provide this service? (Service Delivery)
        1. Set the expectations (SLAs)
        2. Availability of a system/application
        3. Capacity planning


      I would like to see WHD add a Service Catalog tab across the top. At the bare minimum allow us to free form html to individual needs. Future integration would include Service Catalog links to a Request Type.