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    Work time reporting in WHD


      I have a report that selects a custom field as the bar category (all I really want is the table though). The report tracks/tabulates weekly time spent across the values/projects for this custom field. Work time is tracked within the notes in the individual tickets. When a bar stack category or a repetition category is selected, the report double counts the time entered for tickets that span two values (day of the week) of the repetition.


      For example, on ticket 10000 the time spent was

      Monday 2 hrs

      Tuesday 2 hrs

      Wednesday 3 hrs

      If the stack is "day of the week worked on" the report will total 2 + 4 + 7 = 13 hrs for the week for that ticket rather than the amounts worked for each day e.g. 2+2+3=7 hrs. The report engine uses the ticket total for each day that it was updated rather than the work time entered on that specific day.


      Does anybody a way to accomplish this in reports?...besides going straight to the database...