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    previous purchase of FTP voyager 16, now want to install 15 with old license but cannot


      I have downloaded and installed FTP voyager  I bought 16 sometime ago  before it went free but it never worked on my computer so I always used 15.


      Now, after install  told that FTP 15 is only good for 30 days....


      I tried to use the old registration and was told it was invalid and to go to site to get the


      I went to the register site, register, but nothing happened re the license and registration


      what do I do.


      this is my registration for the license I purchased




      Name:Dean Echenberg

      E-Mail Address:ftpvoyager@echenberg.org

      Registration ID: XhnGjDU09WKIWbpUUWuZK0+utSCnVoKIQpcxM9pNKArwIIsXkpwHkHzYJw+2FThFFguFVDb8HQmA0asVXmAlL6O+rvdCAR6bmQa+doPr7o5uwbAvuqPy7bET+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=


      the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is substituted for actual registration..