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    Database maintenance hangs on computing baseline statistics from InterfaceErrors




      We are currently having an issue with the database maintenance in our environment.

      The maintenance is running at 3:30 AM, and 'Interface Baseline Calculation Frequency' is set to 'Only on Sunday'.

      Every Sunday night it hangs forever on "Computing baseline statistics from InterfaceErrors" (taken from C:\programdata\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion\swdebugMaintenance.log).

      This problem has existed for a while, but I'm not really sure when it started. Haven't had a chance to dig into it before now.


      When it hangs, we have this session on the SQL server that switches between suspended and running, but mostly stays suspended, and it apparently hangs on an INSERT command.

      The query text for this session starts with "CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[dbm_InterfaceErrors_DetailToStatistics]", so I assume it's the procedure "dbm_InterfaceTraffic_DetailToStatistics" that is running?


      The swdebugMaintenance.log has a lot these warnings, but I'm not sure it's related:

      [1] INFO  SolarWinds.Data.DatabaseMaintenance.StandardTableHandlerDAL - SQL script message:Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation.

      I've attached one of the log files. After "Computing baseline statistics from InterfaceErrors", it hangs forever until I reboot the Orion-server, or kills the SQL session (it hangs at 2014-08-31 03:47:40,429 in the log file).

      If I kill it, the maintenance continues on and gets finished only with an error message for the InterfaceErrors as you can see at 2014-09-01 13:19:06,447 in the log file.


      If I run the maintenance manually from the Database Maintenance application, it gets finished without any messages, but I'm not sure if it runs the interface baseline calculations or not.



      Our primary Orion server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

      SQL server is SQL 2012 running on Windows Server 2012 Standard.

      NPM is 10.7

      SAM is 6.1.1

      NTA is 4.0.1



      We are planning on upgrading NPM and NTA, but want to sort out the maintenance problem first.




      Anyone have any suggestions?

      Any help would be much appreciated!



      Best regards,