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    WHD Task function


      I'm trying to set up a WHD ticket task sequence that will start the business process for creating staff accounts ( eg setting up access accounts, passes, application access, etc).  WHD's Task feature looks like it would work for this however ideally we need to be able to specify details regarding the new staff member ( eg name, department, etc) when the task is run.  Is there a way this could be achieved by requesting these details at task run time?

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          I am not sure I understand what you are doing.

          A task merely creates a new ticket with VERY limited information (this is large gap in WHD capabilities).


          You may want to delve into Action Rules since these can initiate tasks (the task must be shared) and also establish some approval processes which may help if you need to prompt people for additional information.


          If you are looking for a task to execute an external process, I think you will be disappointed unless an email will kick those off.

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              Peter Krutý

              Actually this is something we much improved in coming release. Users can not only link tickets created by Task to parent ticket (which triggered action rule, which later run that task), but also can selectively pass information from default and custom fields into child tickets.


              Stay tuned, we are closely approaching RC phase for this!

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              Even if custom fields that were entered into the first task could be carried through/forwarded to all the tasks.