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    DCOM errors, false alerts after Poller Migration from Virtual to Hardware Pollers


      Hi Everyone,

      Just thought I'd share some information.


      Our current SolarWinds infrastructure is:

      (1) NCM Server (virtual)

      (1) SolarWinds Database server (physical)

      (3) Pollers  (They were physical but we migrated them to VM because at the time we believed that this was good solution


      We experienced tons of alerts after migrating one of our pollers from virtual to physical.

      The new server was to have the same name as the original one. IP address different.

      And the alerts were coming from the poller we migrated to.

      DCOM errors - communication errors with all the nodes it was supposed to monitor.


      The issues resulted as an improper process we did with the migration of the servers with AD!


      What we should have done during the process is:


      Make sure you have a local administrator account on PollerB.

      • Remove current PollerB  from domain – put in WORKGROUP – wait 5-10 minutes.
      • Change name of server to PollerB-OLD – wait 5-10 minutes
      • Remove the DNS entry for PollerB server – wait 5-10 minutes.(Check to see if the server name has been removed from AD)
      • If not removed - manually remove it from AD
      • Go to the new Server to be PollerB
      • Change name of the new server to PollerB – reboot.
      • Add PollerB to the domain and reboot – wait 5-10 minutes – and check to see if it has been added to AD.
      • Add PollerB to DNS.
      • Then change the IP address in your database as SolarWinds documentation shows you!

      There was an issue with Kerberos, and the SIDs, and AD.

      We should have completely removed the original servers from the domain first, put them in the WORKGROUP, remove the DNS entries for them, make sure the original server entries were removed from AD (if not after 5-10 minutes - remove them manually). Change those server names to something else.

      Then change the name of the new server to name of the original server name. Reboot. Add the server to the domain and check to see that the new entry for the server is present in AD.

      This could take 5-10 minutes. Add your server to DNS and make sure it is there.

      It was only after we did this - that is resolved our issues!

      Pollers are acting so nice now!

      Just wanted to share information and resolve heartache to anyone that needs help!

      Thanks much,

      Cheryl Matrasko