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    Using SMS solely for escalations?


      I'm trying to fine-tune AlertCentral. I have alerts going to the correct groups, but I want to improve the escalation by sending an SMS text instead of an email, simply because people respond to text messages more readily than slogging through email on a regular basis.

      What I'm struggling with is the configuration; for example, I want:

      • When alert is created, notify all members in the default Ops calendar using their email address. (OK, this works fine)
      • If nobody responds, email the ops management calendar entries (this works fine, too)
      • If nobody responds, send text messages to the next level.


      Do I have to create an alternate user, with just an SMS address for that final escalation? I'm in all 3 of the groups above; when I add an SMS address to my AlertCentral profile, I get an email AND a text for every message; I don't want that. I only want the text message when nobody else has responded.


      We can debate the usefulness of the hierarchy, but what I really want is a way to implement the "SMS only on escalation" capability. Thanks!

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          Information about usage of configured notification preferences based on escalation policy step/action:

          • "notify selected group member" and "Notify group member from selected calendar" - one user is chosen and notifications are sent according to notification preferences (to all addresses with specified delay)
          • "Notify all group members" - only the very first notification address is used
          • "Assign alert to" and "Notify also" users at the very end of the escalation policy are only notified using the very first notification address


          There is currently no possibility to limit the SMS contact usage. The contact preferences are used as described above. To achieve your scenario, you need an alternate user with only the SMS contact.


          You can fill feature request on Alert Central Feature Requests page.