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    Timezone differences in SWQL in Custom Query in SAM?


      Huh.  Apparently GetDate and GetUTCDate as input into the Custom Query window are dependent on local browser rather than Orion Server, SQL Server or database?

      Same dashboard in each, different times from the database. To my knowledge there's no other part of SAM that adjusts the times to the timezone of the browser.


      Furthermore, how would UTC report differently?  The value in the second box here is from the simple query:

      SELECT GetUtcDate() as a1, GetDate() as a2 FROM Orion.Engines

      This is from the desktop of the PST Orion SAM Server: 


      This is from a browser from an EST desktop to that same SAM:


      How is the second one pulling from the browser's timezone versus the Orion server itself?