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    Monitoring Fortinet cluster - strange and inaccurate utilization numbers


      Hi all -


      For the last couple of weeks, I've been getting very strange utilization numbers on our Fortinet boxes. We run a HA cluster with two Fortigate 600Cs.

      We've made no changes of which I'm aware on the NPM or switching side, and have certainly not changed the Fortinets - but I regularly see numbers like the following.




      These numbers are not accurate - by a long shot. It almost looks like I'm looking at an inaccurate 32-bit counter that flips too fast to get an accurate number, but all interfaces are set for 64-bit counters.

      Port 7 is the HA heartbeat port and has almost nothing going across.


      Anyone seen this before when monitoring Fortigate clusters?

      Thanks in advance for any info.