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    Separate Database for Syslog module


      I have a question regarding syslog feature in NPM. Is it possible to configure syslog to use a separate database than the npm module. Because i see that with all devices forwarding npm-syslog the database just grows very fast and performance of the entire application is degraded. Is there a solution like this where we can store the syslog messages separatly but have the facility to view them on solarwinds syslog tab.




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          Vinay BY

          I am not aware of any such configuration unless and until someone has done it in the past, I would be rather interested to know if that is possible. To the best of my knowledge "NO it is not possible" . Syslog app on NPM is just a viewer which gets integrated with NPM DB along with an alerting capability. You might want to discard everything coming into syslog (on npm) except for the one's you require OR go with Kiwi Syslog