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    Juniper SRX VPN Poller and monitoring


      I am having difficulties while creating a Poller to display the VPN Status on the Juniper SRX 650 (JunOS version 11.4 R7.5) device. I want to monitor all the VPNs (Site-to-Site and Remote Access) on that device.

      Both the devices at the end of the Site-to-Site VPN are managed by same NPM.

      I have tried the following.

      created a new Universal Device Poller for jnxJsIpSecTunState (OID = rather then adding all the OIDs of all the VPN on the devices.
      I get the following information:

      Value of "jnxJsIpSecTunState" is "3" for all the VPNs.

      Your Guidance is required in order to solve this issue.

      Thank you & Best Regards