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    Help graphing an OID

    l bowers

      Fresh meat here (was a What's Up Gold user)


      I have a device I am attempting to create a graph based on a MIB value.


      The device is a TC Comm ethernet switch.  Solarwinds does not heave the exact MIB.  The vendor has supplied me with their MIB and the OID I need to access.


      I built a universal poller to for this MIB - see attachment-1


      I assigned the poller to the specific TC Comm switch interfaces and successfully received a valid response - see attachmnet-2


      I assigned the poller to a specific web display where no values are plotted- see attachment-3a and 3b.


      Opened a ticket with Solarwinds and they said the MIB shows is is a string octet and I need to build a transform.  Here is the specific section of the MIB with the OID



              ethRMONBWStatusSummRxBU OBJECT-TYPE

                  SYNTAX OCTET STRING

                  ACCESS read-only

                  STATUS mandatory


                      "The read-only integer value index of ports on this unit."

                  ::= { ethRMONBWStatusSummaryEntry 7 }


      So I got into building a transform but am unsure what to do since the poller is returning a correct value, but the transform returns 'Error' - see attachment-4a and 4b


      Any ideas?


      Thank you