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    How to do Reporting? Descriptions of availiable fields? How to understand empty Rows?


      How do I create a report to view the WSUS configuration of every System (which wsus server is configured locally and which one is really used)?


      For testing I added from Datasource "WSUS Updates Scan"

      • Computer DNS Hostname
      • Windows Update Server (Windows Update Agent Local Policy)
      • Windows Update Status Server (Windows Update Agent Local Policy) and
      • Use Windows Update Server (Friendly Name)


      If I run the report it throws an exception. If I remove "Use Windows Update Server (Friendly Name)" it runs ok.

      This report should show me the really used configuration of each system.

      But there are empty rows in the result list. What does this mean?


      Is there anywhere a list of the datasources/fields and their description?


      The Solarwinds Client Components are installed on all managed systems of the domain.