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    Object not captured


      I just setup Alert Central to work with my NPM.  I am sending my NPM alerts to a dedicated mailbox on my Exchange server.  I went through the setup wizard on Alert Central to configure everything.  All tests were sucessful.   When I disconnect a test device to generate an alert email, the message goes to the mailbox, Alert Central grabs it, sends it to the person (me) in the routing rule.  The alert email that I get is missing information.  Object and Severity are blank.  Screenshot attached.  All alert emails have "Object not Captured" 


      What am I doing wrong?

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          The Object is captured from the "objectName" property, the Severity is captured from "severity" property sent from the Orion. If these values are missing, then the Orion server doesn't send them to Alert Central. Can you check that the "objectName" property is present in the "Original Orion alert" tab in the Alert view? Also can you check that the Severity field is set in the "Alert Sharing" tab for the "alert me if a node goes down" in Advanced Alert Manager application in Orion server? Did you make any changes in definition of this alert? What version of NPM are you using?