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    Cannot get Orion Source Alerts to appear in AC


      Currently setting up Alert Central for POC in our enterprise (we need a tool to manage alerting from different tools and some way to manage callouts etc.).


      I cannot get the Orion Source alerts to appear in AC at all.


      Setup is:-


      NPM 10.4.2 (recently upgraded from 10.3.1 and upgrade next week to 10.6.1) - also running NCM, SAM, VNQM, UDT with 1 Main Poller, 6 Additional Pollers, 1 Additional Web Server. DB server is separate SQL 2008 server.

      Alert Central


      Main NPM server IP is 10. address

      AC server sits in a test environment with a 192. address.


      I can ping the AC server from the NPM server no problems. DNS won't work from NPM to AC as AC server address not listed.


      I have searched forums everywhere and tried all the versions of fixes I discovered to no avail.


      Checking the subscriptions table in the DB, I can see the AC server entry and can see that the LastSuccessfulDelivery timestamp is getting updated when alerts are being generated. There are no FailedDeliveryAttempts. However, in AC Alerts panel no alerts are appearing.


      Here is a copy/paste of the Subscriptions entry:-

      Id    EndpointAddress    Query    LastSuccessfulDelivery    FailedDeliveryAttempts    Description    AuthorizationToken    DataFormat    CredentialType    Binding
      0A496CEC-AB3B-43A7-AF1A-BC555715764B    SUBSCRIBE Orion.AlertIndication    2014-08-27 16:24:56.623    0    NULL    NULL    Json    Username    Http


      It all looks like it should from my research but nothing coming through to AC. Have tested with a test alert that also sends an email to my email address - get the email but nothing in AC even though I can see the timestamp in the table entry for LastSuccessfulDelivery change to match the alert generation.


      Any ideas what might be the issue here or any other things I can try to get this working?


      Any and all help is appreciated.

        • Re: Cannot get Orion Source Alerts to appear in AC

          What do you have in the "route to group" rules for your Orion alert source? By default it is set to trash all alerts (if you click next and done and doesn't set any route to group rule at all). You need to specify rules, or set the default action to assign the alert to some group. Your subscription record in Orion DB shows that the indication was successfully sent to Alert Central.