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    How to understand the correct using of WSUS certificates on multiple sites


      In addition to my other thread (WSUS Version mismatch 3.2.x <--> 3.2.y ?) I now try to deploy/publish my 3rd Party updates to another WSUS on another site.
      But I seem to have an certificate Problem.



      I used 1 WSUS with Patchmanager on it, the packages were locally published and deployed (the selfcert is deployed per GPO) and install as good as possible.



      - I added additional WSUS servers from the other sites to the PM console. Because of version mismatch I updated WSUS (my local server and one of the remote ones were successful)

      - I generated WSUS selfsigned certificates for the remote servers, exported and deployed per GPO also

      - Then I published the locally working 3rd party updates to the remote WSUS and approved them --> but clients not installing --> error 800B0109


      Now my questions:

      - Which certificate do I have to deploy where? I would think only the cert of the WSUS per site, which deploys the packages to the client?

      - How can I troubleshoot the error in an easy way?