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    FTP Voyager Scheduler hangs on jobs


      Evidently this is a widespread problem according to the posts and Google searches.

      I'm using version and most scheduled 'Move Up' tasks just hang.


      The log files show the Quit command multiple times but the process just keeps running, doing nothing except preventing other tasks from running.

      The only way to fix it is to cancel the task, then start execution over.


      Is there any planned resolution for this?

      I've been trying to figure it out for several weeks, trying all sorts of different things, but obviously it's a program bug.

      This is taking me several hours a week to log into client computers, clean up the task process and restart.


      I'll give it until 9/1/14 then will look for an alternate product that works.

      And I'll be sure to post my experience wherever I can so others don't have to deal with the same issue.