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    Supressing Access Point (AP) Down Alert when the Controller is Down


      I have noticed for the AP's that I am monitoring via the Controller (All Cisco here), I get Down AP Alerts when the controllers goes down.


      This comes first;


      Device ******** (Wireless Controller) is showing Down Located at IP Address: Alert Time: 8/25/2014 10:15:38 PM

      ******** (Wireless Controller) has stopped responding (Request Timed Out)


      Then come all the AP's on that controller that do not respond, or show DOWN ... and all the AP Alerts ensue. Really All I need is the Controller down.    (Thin Wireless Access Point ABCDEFGH is Down , Alert Trigger Time : 8/25/2014 10:17:02 PM )   - comes after the controller down

      How can you suppress the AP Alert when the controller goes down - when the AP's are not entered as Nodes?

      So there is no Node to build the dependency. I am not seeing an option for controller is up type status on the AP Alert to squelch this.


      As Picard would say, "Suggestions !?!"