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    VMware Host Monitoring


      I work in a network that has 12 virtual hosts all running 4 - 8 guests. I am looking for a local tool that I can monitor just the status of the host/guests. In the event of a power outage and several servers go offline (including solarwinds), I would like a tool that could tell me what all has gone offline. I am looking for something like ESX boomerang (no longer supported) or the SolarWinds VM Monitor (which can only monitor one host at a time).

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          Hello, have you checked out Virtualization Manager it monitors and alerts on your entire virtual environment with dashboards to help identify trouble areas (for both VM and Host) and alerts that can be generated if a problem occurs.  If you own Orion NPM or SAM both products offer Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) which provides basic monitoring of the virtual environment which would alert for basic up down functionality .


          Differences between the products

          1) IVIM is good for basic up/down status and provides a couple of metrics on your virtual infrastructure (network, CPU, memory).

          2) Virtualization Manager provides you in-depth tools for monitoring and managing your virtual infrastructure. At a high level, there are tools like the Performance Analyzer, Capacity Planning, Trending, Chargeback and Showback Dashboards, Storage Dashboards, and Integration with SolarWinds Storage Manager.


          If you are looking for something to sit outside you Solarwinds environment and on the desktop then you are limited to the Solarwinds VM monitor or using a PowerShell script that runs on a schedule to ping a list of servers and email an alert if a ping failure is received (assuming your email environment is not on the host that goes down or HA successfully kicks in)

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