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    Only active Alert report


      Is it possible to have a report that only shows ACTIVE alerts?

      We use NPM for two distinct purposes. One to Alert, the other to monitor.

      I have a report that shows active EVENTS, but this is a little misleading in that it shows monitors that maybe critical but for which we have not configured an Alert.

      It would be great to get to see just those monitors that have current Alerts.


      Everything I have tried so far just either shows events history or alerts that have already been cleared.



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          This bit of SQL should get you that information:


          Select AlertStatus.ObjectName as Object, AlertDefinitions.AlertName as Alert, AlertStatus.TriggerTimeStamp as Date_Triggered

          From AlertStatus

          JOIN AlertDefinitions on AlertStatus.AlertDefID = AlertDefinitions.AlertDefID



          Matthew Harvey

          Loop1 Systems

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            Vinay BY

            You would find them on Advanced Alert Manager as well


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                thanks vinay.by and HolyGuacamole

                I had found those reports earlier - they are similar to the one that mharvey suggested.

                They only list Alerts that have triggered, including historical alert triggers.

                I am trying to get a snapshot of those alerts that are CURRENTLY triggered - in other words only the alerts that have not reset.

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                    I am absolutely positive the Active Alerts are the ones that have been triggered but not reset. Can you provide an example of why you think otherwise? I am beginning to suspect the Reset condition in your Alerts may not be properly defined, and hence the alerts are staying active.

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                        thanks again

                        The alerts do have a reset and are sending the reset email etc.

                        I think my issue is that SW does not have an auto acknowledge that is stopping me getting what I need.


                        Really what I need is some way of distinguishing between those monitors I want to be used for alerts and those monitors I am using for diagnostic purposes.

                        To that end we are adding a custom property to make that distinction and filtering on that.

                        In the end its the monitors that trigger the alerts that I want to see, but without some way of finding out which monitors have alerts its difficult to do.