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    Custom Properties edit larger textbox


      Hey Guys,


      So we want to have a custom property assigned to our nodes that has special notes about the machine. What it does, known issues, or any other notes we want to add. We would like to have it in edit mode, so while we look at it, we can make changes and hit the update button. I have looked at the Edit Custom Node Properties resource, but the textbox is too small from that, and would require all sorts of scrolling in the textbox to see all the data. I then went for the custom html page to show the data, and make it updatable, but was not able to get that working correctly. Does anyone know of a way to make the textbox bigger on the edit custom node properties resource, or know how to update variable from the custom html page? Or does anyone have any other ideas on how to solve this issue we are having?



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          There used to be a memo type prior to the migration of custom properties to the web.  This would be a strong use case when this type could be useful again.  As it stands, you'd probable need to have several properties to cover this data rather than one.  One for Purpose, one for Known Issues, etc.  I know you'd probably want to avoid this, but in the current iteration of custom properties, this is probably the easiest route to take.



          Matthew Harvey