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    FOE Knowledge Base upgrad steps don't work


      I just got finished wasting another 5 hours attempting to upgrade Orion NPM on a FOE arrangement.  Let me first state that I followed KB 1480 to the letter, that is up to the point that it made no sense (step 11).  The part that it stopped making sense was when it had both the Primary and Secondary servers public interface at the same time.  I had to work around that.  However, this is where things blew up and I'm not sure if FOE or NPM 11.0.1 is at fault.  The install on the secondary server went fine. Once I was back on the Primary server and had all FOE shut down on both servers, the install went south in a hurry.  The first indicator was it failed a permissions check the second indicator was all my modules like NCM, UDT, etc. disappeared from the service list even though they still showed up in the Windows control panel.  No amount of repair  between myself and the Solarwinds support person could fix that.  We wound up completely uninstalling every module and then reinstalling them.  I'm talking 5 hours of my time gone.  And let me add that the last 5 upgrades of any kind of resulted in something breaking on either the Primary or Secondary server and 3 to 4 hours of my time and supports time to figure it out and no follow up by support to figure out why it keeps failing.  And more to that, I've already had several support personnel tell me that the product that FOE is built on, Neverfail, is an orphaned product.


      Now this is a direct request to product management.  The correct step by step guide needs to be updated and not buried in some obscure knowledge base article.  Also I would like to have someone from support do a complete analysis of my FOE install to determine why it keeps failing on upgrades.  I'm sorry I have to put this on a public forum but I can't get your phone support people to put enough into the resolution process to figure out what's going on

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          We've run into this a few times and ended up having to review the entire procedure.  Here is what we documented in terms of what we've found to be a successful upgrade procedure with FoE in place.


          1. Perform a manual switchover using FoE Manager on the primary server(s) to make the secondary Active.
          2. Stop the FoE services on the Primary server
          3. Connect to the secondary server
          4. Shutdown FoE on the secondary server
          5. Perform all software upgrades
            1. If you have to restart the server, you will need to shutdown FoE again after the restart.
          6. Start FailOver Engine
          7. Shutdown FailOver Engine choosing the Stop all protected services option.
          8. Launch the SolarWinds Orion Failover Engine Configure Server Wizard
            1. Go to the Physical Hardware tab
            2. Change the active server to Primary
          9. Start FailOver Engine (this will enable the packet filter on the secondary and place it in passive mode).
          10. Shutdown the FailOver Engine (to prevent failover again from the primary).
          11. Connect to the primary server
          12. Disable the Packet Filter on the Primary NIC:
            1. Open the Properties window for your Public Network Adapter. Note: Typically, you can open the properties window by clicking Start > Control Panel > Network Connections, right-clicking Public Network Adapter, and then clicking Properties.
            2. Uncheck Neverfail Packet Filter Driver, and then click OK.
          13. Perform SolarWinds software upgrades to the primary
          14. Launch the SolarWinds Orion Failover Engine Configure Server Wizard
            1. Go to the Physical Hardware tab
            2. Change the active server to Primary
          15. Enable the Packet Filter on the Primary NIC
          16. Use the Start Group Option to start FailOver Engine on both the secondary and primary server.
          17. Open the Management Console to ensure the Primary is revealed, and replication resumes.


          I can't speak on the points regarding why the upgrade keeps failing, or you've had the issues with the services disappearing, but the above steps should lead to a successful (but time consuming) upgrade.



          Matthew Harvey

          Loop1 Systems