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    No SAM Alerts for Servers only Networking Devices.


      Good Day,


      I have set up version of Alert Central. Having set up a connection between our Orion installation I have only ever seen alerts about networking devices and not our servers.


      Even when there is no specific filtering of alerts I never see Advanced Alerts we have set up in SAM.


      Do I need my SAM Alerts to do anything special? Is there something I can try?




        • Re: No SAM Alerts for Servers only Networking Devices.

          Only newly triggered alerts appear in Alert Central. No alert is created in Alert Central for those Orion alerts that are already triggered when the integration is configured (those alerts appear in Alert Central when the alert is reset for the node and triggered again). You can reset those alerts in Advanced Alert Manager application and they appear again after a minute (alert condition is evaluated once a minute by default) and also should appear in Alert Central.