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    WHD and the fact that it can not count


      I have noticed that a lot of the calls on our system where they have been passed their due date are not being counted properly. I will give you an example of what I mean.


      I have a call on the system opened lets say on July 15, the job is not done because of certain reasons and is placed on-hold (doesn't have a count time)  on July 22, then comes off hold on August 8 and is resolved on that day. The priority is set to Low which is a 10 day count.


      Here is where the issue lies. It has gone passed its due-date (yes I agree it has but would it not revise the due date when on hold and recalculate it). If like any other system I have ever used the due date should be as follows:


      When ticket opened on July 15 due date is July 29

      Call on-hold from July 22 until August 8 therefore only 4 days of the 10 days timer should have been used and another 6 days are left making the due date August 18 (as only week days included).


      Why is this not occurring is one of my settings wrong when calls are placed on hold or has the system been set up wrongly. Shouldn't the point of placing a call on hold be to freeze the timers in place but this is not happening obviously