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    Easy way to check which groups havent been added to either Network Atlas or have dependencies configured?


      So I've pretty much built up our Orion installation from scratch as I'm sure many of you have and I pretty much see it as my baby, for lack of a better term! Everything I put in I made sure was sensible and correct, every site had an efficient, logical group structure, dependencies, relevent groups placed geographically in network atlas, and so forth.


      Unfortunately it appears other people haven't been as careful when they have been given access and figured it was just enough to add the discovered nodes (which is fine if there's a matching dynamic query) or just creating the groups and leaving it at that.


      Now this has started causing issues especially with alerting as these nodes aren't under any dependencies, so when a site has a blip all the nodes fire off alerts and likewise by looking at the map you can no longer tell when some sites are experiencing issues or outages.


      Is there any easy way (SQL I presume) to list which groups are not children in a dependency and likewise which groups are not displayed on a specific network atlas map? It would save me a lot of time rather than going through everything one by one to clean things up!


      We have a fairly simple group structure: "Country" > "Site" > "Device type" so for example Wales > Aberystwyth > Aberystwyth - Switches

      In general, each "Site" group contains the WAN router and two subgroups, one for switches one for servers.


      If anyone could help that would be great as I'll no doubt have to do this many times over.