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    UnDP visualization on network maps


      I am trying to build a page that will list UnDP's for a device, which isn't a problem.  I am wondering how I am able to make the visualization of the UnDP change based on value changes.  Currently these are polling an OID that monitors a simple contact on a device.  The returned values are 1 and 0.  I would preferably like to have the UnDP on the map be "green" when the value is what it is supposed to be and then change to "red" when the value changes to the opposite integer.


      I know that I can list the ${CurrentValue} in the label of the UnDP on the map, but the people who will be monitoring this page will need to see this change in visualization because they don't know and/or understand the values.


      Currently we have advanced alerts configured to send email when these values change, but this group needs access to a visual tool also to reference for status on these specific devices.


      TIA for any help.

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          There's no way to set the color change on an icon to follow set parameters.  While interface links will change based on utilization, other map objects are coded for status, not thresholds.  This would be a great feature add to the Network Atlas Maps to be able to setup parameters for color change based on either status or threshold value, but the options just aren't there.



          Matthew Harvey

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