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    Nimble SNMP question for NPM


      I am trying to set up my Nimble CS220 for SNMP monitoring in Orion NPM, but no matter what I have done to this point the only SNMP options I see are status monitoring options (Ping with ICMP or monitor with SNMP).  I don't see any volume info or anything.  Am I doing something wrong or is this expected?  It did it this when when first discovered and wanting more, I went ahead and found the SNMP document for nimble which mentions family  I set that as a universal device poller and assigned it but still I have no more than before.  No interfaces, volumes, fans, etc.  Just nothing.


      I will be the first to say my SNMP knowledge is nil, so I am kind of mucking about here but any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks in advance to all that at least read this.