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    Cleanup NTA applications/ports?


      I have a ton of applications/ports that don't really mean anything and I would love to remove them from NTA.  All these ports have a description of "Port #".  So is there a way to remove all these so they don't get analyzed in bulk(in the database)?


      Port 10214 Monitored10214AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 10215 Monitored10215AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 10216 Monitored10216AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 10217 Monitored10217AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 10218 Monitored10218AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 10219 Monitored10219AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
      Port 1022 Monitored1022AllAnyAnyDisable Delete Edit
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          This identifies all the applications I want to remove.

          SELECT * FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowApps] WHERE [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowApps].AppName LIKE 'Port %' AND AppID != '146160'


          I can find all the ports related to these applications with this query.

          SELECT * FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowAppPorts]
          INNER JOIN [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowApps]
          ON [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowApps].AppID = [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowAppPorts].AppID
          WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowApps] WHERE AppID=[NetPerfMon].[dbo].[NetFlowAppPorts].AppID AND AppName LIKE 'Port %' AND AppID != '146160')


          Is deleting them directly OK?

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            The current situation is caused by someone let run 'Enable All Monitoring' which will monitor all those higer ports, one-by-one. Use 'Monitor recommended ports' to return to default settings (ie. well known ports + few multiport applications).

            JustinY (to Choly) 3 months ago

            That's exactly my problem.  I do have a considerable amount of custom applications that were entered manually and I don't want to reconfigure those.  That's why I was leaning towards removing only the ones I don't need here