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    Sonet links

    Alex Bland

      We have multiple Cisco 15454 nodes in our network using a mix of sonet and ethernet handsoffs/links.

      The Ethernet links show traffic quite nicely but the Sonet links do not. They do show their negotiated speeds (OC48 at 2.488G, OC192 at 9.953G etc etc) but traffic is always 0.

      I have tried SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 but both have the same results


      Anyone have similar experiences or have Sonet nodes reporting their bandwidth ?



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          What the 15454 display as stats depends on the interface cards and what layer of the stack they are working at.

          In some configurations the node/slot/card isn't doing any processing of L2 traffic, it's simply multiplexing the L1 circuits together (especially for OCx modes).

          This means it doesn't process the traffic, and so reports 0bps... not very useful

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