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    FTP Voyager and email alerts


      Hello, I've scoured this site as well as the web looking for an answer to my Voyager email challenges.


      I really like the program and in fact it seems to work very well for what I'm doing; however, I cannot make the email alerts function at all.

      I have ensured the following:

      1) email settings are proper in the Options area

      2) email setting match the Option email settings in the "Scheduler Options" area

      3) Tried both a gmail account and yahoo.  The gmail refuses to work always timing out regardless.  The yahoo account never errors out but then emails are never received, which is confusing.

      4) Tried on two different systems connected to unique networks


      Current Scheduler email settings in options:

      Server:  smtp.mail.yahoo.com

      Port: 465

      Use SSL: YES

      USE Authentication: YES

      Account Name: full email address

      Account Password: proper password


      Email settings in OPTIONS area are essentially the same.


      EVENT setup in the TASK:  Execution START as well as the EVENT SCHEDULE area.


      Any suggestions?

      Thank you,