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    NPM 11.0.1 - Link Utilization / Bandwidth issues

    Alex Bland

      When i select the option for Link Speed or Link Utilization, most of the links between my nodes show up as "Down Status". There are a handfull of nodes (maybee 7 or 8 out of around 400) where the link utilization and bandwidth works nicely but, for the most part, it fails. I have checked the nodes and they all have Layer 2 and Layer 3 selected in the resources. I have also tried these links across physical interfaces instead of port channels - same results.

      We are running a mix of Cisco and Juniper equipment (for the most part), the few links that do work always seem to be between cisco devices.

      Anyone else had similar issues ?


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          Link Speed / Utilization are dependent upon us being able to poll topology information. Our topology algorithm should generally support Juniper / Cisco devices rather well. In the absence of topology data, manually-drawn links would be the alternative unfortunately.

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            Hi Alex


            I can say wellcome to the club :-(

            It's all about the topology  and it's not working 100%.

            NPM can see my Juniper XE interfaces but not AE interfaces....

            With that topology solution you can't have "backhaul" interface  or 1 link on map..

            for short the feature is useless




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                Alex and SJA,


                While we've spent a considerable amount of time on our topology engine and it works in many situations, it's certainly not perfect.  We're always looking to make it better, and one of the key things that help us do that is additional environments to to scan and map.  If either of you would be interested in doing a scan and shooting me your results it would be super helpful.  I'll shoot you a PM with the details.