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    Nortel Contivity Universal Device Poller


      So, as much as I hate to admit it we do still have a Nortel Contivity box bungling along until the day it (hopefully) fails.


      I'm trying to create a Poller to return a list of current active VPN users, now I've found the OiD I needed using the SNMP walk however in practice it also returns irrelevant values because they are listed under "interface names"


      . = STRING: "lo."

      . = STRING: "fei.0.1"

      . = STRING: "fei.4.1"

      . = STRING: "clip."

      . = STRING: "Some Branch Office 1"

      . = STRING: "Some Branch Office 2"

      . = STRING: "Some Branch Office 3"

      . = STRING: "Some Branch Office 4"

      . = STRING: "Bob Bobberson,UID=vpn.bob.boberson"

      . = STRING: "Steve Stevenson,UID=vpn.steve.stevenson"

      . = STRING: "Dave Davidson,UID=vpn.dave.davidson"

      . = STRING: "John Johnson,UID=vpn.john.johnson"

      . = STRING: "Max Amillion,UID=vpn.max.amillion"


      Is there an easy way to filter out the first 4 values and return only the BOTs and Active Users? I've been playing around with the transform but so far I've not been able to find anything that will work.